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Aswan, Philae Temple, and Isis Temple

Day three of the 2019 Beyond Words Cruise

Philae Temple


Aswan Market in Egypt

We will rise early to catch a short flight to Aswan, where our Nile cruise will truly begin. Aswan is known for its natural beauty, peace, and quiet, but excitement will be high as you board our vessel, the Farah. After breakfast, enjoy the gorgeous island, once a main center for ivory trade. In the past, it was called “Suene” meaning “marketplace.” The Aswan market is still active today and vibrant with colorful produce, spices, and artisan goods.

Philae Temple Complex

Temple of Isis at Philae

After lunch we will journey to the southern end of the old Aswan dam to our next destination, the Philae Temple to the goddess Isis. The picturesque temple was built during the Ptolemaic period and is believed to have been one of the last bastions of ancient Egyptian religious practice. Surrounded by lush palms and foliage sit the ruins the temple of the “Mother of God” who resurrected Osiris and gave birth to Horus. A monument to devotion of many kinds, the temple was active even until 550 CE when Christian Romans ruled in Egypt, and then was turned into a center for the early church. You will feel the spiritual power and marvel at the fusion of three great civilizations – Egyptian, Greek and Roman.

Original entrance to the Temple of Isis at Philae

As part of our tour, we will enjoy a private meditation at the original entrance to the Isis Temple on the Nile River. This unique and private experience is not available to any other tour group.

After an eventful day, enjoy dinner on board the Farah, and settle into your floating home for the next four days.